Shipping & Packaging 

At Amber Rey we use the Better Packaging Co's compostable ('dirt bag') satchels, to ship all of our funky clothes to our customers. 

comPOST Packs are made from totally biodegradable and compostable materials; corn starch, PLA (synthesised from corn) and PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate). PLA (Polylactide) is a bio-based, biodegradable material made from renewable plant material (starches such as corn husks, rice straw and wheat straw). 

To find out more about these satchels, please check out the Better Packaging Co website:


These satchels are great because they can be thrown in your compost bin at home! 

The labels we use however, are not compostable. Although they are made out of recycled paper and other materials, they don't belong in the compost bin. We encourage all of our customers to cut out the label and place it in the recylcling bin before throwing their satchels in the compost. 

We are slowly moving to compostable labels as well, but for the time being, please recycle your shipping labels. 

We use Sendle to ship our parcels in Australia. Sendle are a completely carbon neutral delivery service, therefore reducing our carbon footprint. 

For international deliveries we use Australia Post. Australia Post purchases carbon credits to offset their emissions. 

Our awesome Rey Gun stickers and tape that come in every package are made by Noissue. Packaging. The tape is activated by water, therefore being fully biodegradable. Noissue. uses renewable soy based inks for their stickers and tapes. Soy inks also have low levels of VOCs, which reduces air pollution during the printing process.

To find out more information about Noissue. please visit their website:


At Amber Rey, one of the things we acknowledge is that plastic can be an unavoidable part of our every day lives. Its's because of this fact that there is now more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans. This is our legacy and it is not one that we want to leave to future generations. That's why we have partnered with the Vera Initiative. 

The Vera Inititative provides a simple solution for businesses and individuals to offset plastic waste. They achieve this through an impact partnership with Plastic Bank, an international organisation which employs collectors in various hot spots around the world who pick up plastic refuse and recycle it. That's why at Amber Rey we pledged $6 dollars per employee, every month in order to collect 100kgs a year per person. 

To find out more information or join the Vera Initiative, please visit the website:

What are our garments made out of?

All of our garments are made out of cotton and recycled polyester. To be completely transparent, we are working towards having all of our garments made out of natural fibres. We want to be better and we WILL be better. All of our cotton is certified by the Better Cotton Initiative. BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.